Sunday, May 11, 2008


This was the dessert that came with dinner last night as The Plasterer and I celebrated our 5 yr anniversary. We had a great day - we slept in, went to the beach, did some furniture shopping and then had a fabulous dinner to end the night.

All throughout the day, we kept popping up with little presents we had gotten for each other - which made the day even more fun - you never knew when the other was going to walk in the room with a gift in their arms or behind their back.

The traditional anniversary gift for five years of marriage is wood, and I did manage to incorporate that into one of my small/silly gifts by getting The Plasterer a wooden 'catch-all' for the top of his dresser. We've also decided to get one large gift for the both of us in the wood theme - new living room furniture. The coffee and side tables we currently have are hand-me-downs that The Plasterer 'inherited' before we were married. We've talked about replacing them for a few years now, but it never seemed to be the right time or the right thing to spend money on. So this we agreed, fits in perfectly with the theme and will be our gift to each other.

What made this weekend even nicer is The Plasterer is done with his spring semester. He's been holed up in his 'office' studying and working on school, so I haven't seen much of him for the past 3-4 weeks, but now he's done! If you'd like to see what he's be so busy with, you can check out his newly updated website and portfolio for school which he adds to at the end of each semester. I love that he can use his design experience to find creative ways to show off his plastering.

Another exciting part of the weekend is I think he's found an internship for the summer here in Charleston! This means we won't have to spend the summer apart, which really makes me happy. This is the perfect start to our next year of marriage - together in one place. We'll have some solid, uninterrupted time to explore our new city and just be with each other. I'm really looking forward to that. Things are falling into place, and it is really nice to have them settling one by one.

I just keep saying to myself: I'm married. 5 years. married. to The Plasterer. 5 years - man! time flies. married ... 5 years. huh. life is good. yeah - life is good.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

at the sheep and wool days

Last weekend I went to the sheep and wool days at Middleton Place - it was pretty cute. I went on Sunday and it was much quieter than I expected - I was expecting a bigger crowd I guess. I did get to meet some great people from the Charleston Spinning guild:

and they kindly let me take their picture.

There were some women shearing sheep by hand:

And I met some others who I didn't catch on film, but were great to talk to. It makes me want to learn how to spin, but I must resist. I know it can only handle one hobby at a time.

There were also some cute cashmere goats:

Alpaca recently sheared - they really didn't want their picture taken, and kept shying away, but I finally got a shot:

And some very proud peacocks:

Middleton Place reminded me a lot of my outdoor drama days at Blue Jacket, and my theatre days were definitely calling to me. Perhaps I should look into what options are here in Charleston in the theatre world.

Overall it was interesting, but I think next time I'd really like to go and take the tour and see the rest of the grounds with The Plasterer. I think he'd really enjoy it. He was finishing up papers and studying for his finals which are this week. Just a little bit longer and he'll have some time to do some exploring and playing. Our 5 year anniversary is coming up, and it'll fit in perfectly for when this school year ends but before his summer internship begins.