Saturday, August 1, 2009

Knitting a bit

I've been trying to get some much-needed knitting done lately, and all I've really ended up with, is more UFO's - but they're closer to completion than the ones that have been hanging out in my sidebar for forever.

I started with the baby sweater I've been working on for a while. I really enjoy knitting with the Elizabeth Lavold cotton, and I just adore the color - I've got one side seamed and I just need to do the other side, which I'm determined to finish today:

And here's what it'll look like finished:

sort-of - I may add something to the bottom sleeve edges - it looks kinda unfinished to me this way.

Then I started a crochet cap on my way back from NY that is also close to completion - I started this one, and then had to 'rip back' because I wanted it to be tighter, so I went down a hook side. I put the rip back in quotes, because I actually didn't rip, I just started from the other end of the ball (that's how far along I was) and would just pull out as I used up the yarn.

Here's a shot of it so far - I'm finishing up the brim. The problem here is I put it down, and had two copies of the pattern printed out and am not sure exactly where I am in the pattern - I just need to sit down and figure it out:

Then I also started another baby sweater - The Kipling, which I've always wanted to knit, and just love the greens in this yarn, although it's not as soft as some of the other yarns I've used lately, but it is machine washable and that's what counts here:

I've also been fortunate enough to win a couple of blog contests lately, and got a great copy of the book DomiKNITrix:

from the blog Lazy Knits and Purls which is great! I've wanted to try out some of the patterns in here.

And then I won some milk fiber roving from Silverstah's Etsy shop Feeling Sheepish which I'm a little scared to take out of the bags for fear of ruining it. I want to wait until I'm ready to use it - I've got to find a special project for it.

I got two bags - one small black bag of 'carbonized Bamboo':

The orange in the picture is from the light above - it was hard to take a decent picture with the plastic still on it...
And the other is called Robin's Wren and has brown and white and a beautiful streak of robin blue in it:

This picture may show the colors better:

So I'm super excited about winning those contests - thanks ladies!! They were great little pick-me-ups while Mike was gone. It's always nice to get packages in the mail unexpectedly or expected! Did I mention btw, that I'm so excited that he's back? I am. It's just nice to have him around to talk to and cuddle with.

The baby is moving around quite a bit. I do have more of a belly, but it really depends on what I'm wearing on how prego I look, and I'm really bad at getting people to take a picture of me and the little one. Still feeling pretty good - more heartburn than I'd like, but what are you going to do? Small price to pay for such a wonderful gift.