Saturday, September 24, 2011

returning .... after a while

It's been a while, life sped up and now that the craziness has settled - at least for a little while, I am taking some time for a update!

Life here has been going well - Aiden is growing like a weed, and talking up a storm!  Mike has graduated and started his own business and it looks like we're staying here in Charleston, as we just put down roots and bought a house!

Aiden is entering into the terrible two's and we're just hoping it won't be too terrible! He's a very sweet boy who loves to talk (wonder who he gets that from!) and definitely has a mind of his own and can be a bit stubborn (like father like son!)

In the move, we had to switch daycares, and I must say - if you're in the Charleston area, anywhere near Daniel Island, I COMPLETELY recommend Children's Nook -they were wonderful.  We really miss it.

I will post pictures soon to show how much he's grown.

It amazes me how much he talks and understands. He is a curious fellow and always asking "What' that? or What'r you doin?" 15 times a minute!

As I mentioned Mike graduated from school!!! Yeah :) Here is a picture of his senior project, which is the type of work he'd like to do in the future. It took him all year, from the idea, to design, to creation to instillation. I couldn't be more proud:

He has started his own company Michael Lauer Studios and has already started working here in the community at some historic homes and new construction!  Check out the process at his school portfolio website

Part of the craziness (other than the adjustment of a mobile child) was Mike and I started house hunting and found a beautiful home here in Charleston! It needs some cosmetic updating but has wonderful potential - so I'm sure we've got some projects ahead of us, but that's what's great about having a skilled hubby.

Perhaps the next post will be before/after pictures!