Monday, October 13, 2008

with car trouble

I've been having issues with my car, but couldn't put my finger on just what it was. First I thought it was the brakes and brought it here and they were so nice that they didn't even charge me to look at it and tell me my brakes are fine. Then I got an extra oil change - nope - still acting up. Finally I took it in and found out it needed a new transmission. Ugh. The mechanics here were so nice they let me know that it could still be covered by the warranty and I so I took it to the dealership to find out I was 300 miles and 6mo. past the extended 'defect' warranty! After a discussion with the dealership and a call to corporate to make my plea, Acura/Honda is standing behind their product and covering it -whew! I still have to pay for the service and a new transmission mount, but all-in-all that's not anywhere near as bad as it could have been. Thanks M&D for keeping an extra eye out on me!

I have been quite productive on the knitting front - I finally sent out a few of the baby things I had made. Missy liked the hat I sent her son so much, she requested one for her daughter as well! Yeah! It's always nice when people like what you made them. And the Anouk did fit Gabriella - whew! I was a bit worried there. Just this morning I finished the booties to go with the hat for the brand new Chicagoan. They're blocking now, so they should be able to go out once I have transportation again. I'd take pictures, but my camera is in my knitting bag, which is in my car, which is still at the shop - doh!

Now I'm onto EZ's baby sweater and a christening cap for a certain baby girl (I got a few in mind and need to pick one to start on). Another thing down to the wire - but I've been feeling much more productive and quicker with my knitting lately. I think I'm getting a better handle on when I need to sit and focus, and when I can knit while talking/watching TV etc.

Since I'm off work today - I'm trying to be productive around the house and get things cleaned and in order. We had the bug-lady come and spray and all the 'palmetto bugs' I've seen lately have been dead or dying so I feel oh-so-much better about that too!

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