Sunday, November 22, 2009

2 weeks into motherhood

It still hasn't settled in yet that Aiden is my son - that I'm his mother. - that he's not leaving with my MIL on Tuesday, or that I'm not just babysitting the most adorable child. I think once my MIL does leave, and with Mike back at school, it'll hit me then. Right now I'm just floating along.. feeding, sleeping, eating, rocking.. and repeat. With the C-section, Mike and his mom won't let me do much more, which is good, because I keep wanting to.

I didn't have many nesting instincts when pregnant, but now that Aiden is here, I really am feeling the nesting urge - but because of the surgery, I can't do most of it - I'm not supposed to be bending down and picking up, or going up and down stairs a lot, or transitioning from sitting to standing often. And I can feel it when I have been doing a lot of that - usually when my meds are wearing off or I'm due for another dose.

It's been lovely having her here - I really have been blessed with some wonderful in-laws. Next week is going to be .. a new challenge I think. Great way to start off my 34th year - as my birthday is Tuesday! Being 34 hasn't sunken in either, but I'm not too worried about that.

This week I had some friends stop by to see me, and they all came bearing the cutest of gifts for little Aiden.

My friend Sue hand made the softest rag quilt:

It's just beautiful! and I love the colors!!

Pam and Vera stopped by to hang out with Aiden:

and brought food (Jim & Nicks - yum!)

Vera made two super-cute hats - one for now:

and one to grow into:

(I think he looks like the LOL cat with the lime on his head here)

and soft socks for Aiden's monkey toes!

I keep wanting to knit, but don't have the focus right now. I can't seem to put a yarn and pattern together for the life of me, so that's been put on hold for a bit. Let's get through Thanksgiving first and we'll see where we're at by then.

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Sara said...

He is so precious! Happy birthday and I hope you continue to recover from the C-section.