Wednesday, June 16, 2010

with many firsts...

Originally, this was a post about some knitting, and a trip home, and then Aiden hitting 6 mo. then about mothers day, and a few other things in between all of that - but I'd start typing it out and never have the time to finish a post. So,  I finally realized, I just need to post something! So this is a kind of catch up on it all posting...

Over the past couple of months (yes, I realize it has been that long...) Aiden and I have had a couple of firsts that I'm very happy about/proud of or feel you may find interesting.

First things first on the post of first - the little man himself! I've posted pictures of him up to 2 months so we've got a bit of catching up to do... so here are a few pictures of Aiden as he's grown:

We'll start where we left off... 3 months:

These two are him at 3 months - I didn't get the puppy dog or sign shots during this time - there was too much going on - Mike was away in Italy and I did some traveling back home.. so these two will have to do instead ;) He still looks pretty darn cute to me! The picture on the right is one of his first real trips out in the BOB stroller - I love that thing!

4 months.... too doggone cute! Okay okay, I may have overdone it on the dog theme:

5 months:

Sporting the gangster look thanks to his Uncle Stefan... 

He bought track suits for all the nephews at Christmas - it just fits Aiden now - we had fun with this photo shoot!

A few more days and I'll post 6 months and the 7 months. I really can't believe he's grown so much.  He's really starting to look more like a little boy and less like an infant/baby. Everyone tells you, but it true, time does move pretty quick. *sigh*

Here is his first time in the ex-o-saucer, with true concentration:

Man, he just loves that thing!

He had also figured out how to flip back and forth and sit up on his own! Go Aiden!

We had our first trip on a plane together when we went up to KY to visit the grandparents and got to see lots of friends and family.

He attended his first pro-soccer game here in Charleston, where he was so excited, he stayed up 2 hours past his bedtime!

I have some picture of his first time at the beach (just this past weekend!) and of his first try at solids- he loved it! But if I want to get this posted, they'll have to wait, as they're not loaded on my computer.

I had a few firsts of my own - I experienced my first Mother's Day! I know, technically, I was a mother last year, being pregnant but in my mind - that really didn't count. It was a touch sad not being able to share with my own mother, but it was a really lovely day.  It started with a terrific breakfast in bed, and then all day with my two men - we went down to the water front and hung out on the grass in a park and played and enjoyed the sun.

I made salesperson of the month for the first time at work! yeah :) and while Mike is away at his internship this summer (8 weeks in VA) I'll be taking care of Aiden on my own for a while. I do have some friends and family who will be coming in and out, and Mike will be making frequent trips home, but day-to-day it'll be me and the little man!

I've knit my first shawl (a small one) - and was working on a toy, that I'm not sure is turning out as cute as all the other pictures. It's called Lutin, and was posted on a french knitting website (they've since taken it down). I'll post pictures of that when/if it gets done - it's been abandoned  put aside while I work on a few other things.

That's about it for right now. I'm making a mental effort to try and post more often. We'll see how the summer goes with Mike being away.

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