Saturday, January 5, 2008

find... my resolutions

I just wanted to say...

Happy Birthday to Mike!!

He's 33, a "record" year as my friend Kristin told him. Hee hee. Record year. It took me a minute to get that. :) Happy birthday honey!

This week I got my new SC license. I think this is the first time my picture hasn't looked the same since .. since the first time I got a license! I don't know if it's the short hair or if I'm finally beginning to look my age. It was nice not to look 16 though.

New Year Reso-ideas

Lately, I've been debating on whether or not to put down my new years resolutions on the blog. Part of it stems from there being so many ideas in my head, it's hard to sort them out into individual resolutions. Hard to define. The other part is that I feel like resolutions are something a bit more personal than I want to put out into the stratosphere. Yet, it's nice to have some backing from others to help you keep your resolutions, and they say that when you put something down on paper, you're more likely to accomplish it. So here are just a couple that are top on my list:

I resolve to take care of my UFO's.

Now this mainly concerns my knitting/crocheting projects, but I mean all the little projects I've started, with the best intentions, and haven't gotten to or haven't finished. And by saying I'm going to 'take care of them', that doesn't always mean they have to be completely finished, just followed through on. Sometimes it is a finishing up of things.( i.e. my SIL's 2nd fetching. It's done. Now I just need to mail it off to her.) Oh yeah - pictures:
Some other knitting UFO's:

* Gabriella's sweater - I'm determined to finish it tonight - otherwise it won't fit her by the time it gets there.
* The bonnet - all I have left is to seam this up, and since Mike got me this book for Christmas, I now have no excuse.
* The Hannah hat - needs buttons, I'm going to look tomorrow.
* The Foliage hat - decide what to do with it or rip it. It's supposed to look like this and really looks like this. Waay to big.
* The ruffles scarf - get the yarn and get on it!

Some non knitting UFO's which goes with my next resolution:

* My job search papers/notes/magazines etc.
* My craft projects in general - the room, the materials etc.

I resolve to put things away when I'm done, and keep them in their place as much as possible. In other words - get organized.

This is a bit more difficult, as I don't have a place for a lot of things I use on a regular basis. Most of our furniture, including all of our tables and my desk are still in Chicago, so I don't have a proper place to put things. I was using a laundry basket to organize my paperwork, but yesterday M and I bought a filing tub that should make things a bit more organized. As I've said before, I'll be so happy when the house sells for more than just financial reasons.

I resolve to drink more water and to get out of the house more.

I know this is just going to make me feel better and get me more motivated. I know it's pretty generic, but I'm spending most of my time in front of the computer with the job search, and I need to get out more. I feel so much better when I get some sort of physical movement in my day, working out, or whatever. I also know that once a get a job this will be much easier.

I resolve to keep up on my blogging more.

I started this blog as a way to put down some notes and words on my experiences and as a way for all the great people I've met as we've moved, to have a chance to keep up with me and what's going on. As nice as it is to have a place to put down my thoughts (however censored they may be) there are times I don't blog because I feel I can't put down my words as eloquently as I would like. Or I miss an opportunity to say what I wanted to say because things change so quickly. I'm going to try to keep that from holding me back.

I resolve to get a job.

This is something I've resolved to do since Mike got into school, but it's always good to put it down on paper right? A new year brings about new opportunities that are to be embraced!

That's it for the resolutions, or it for what I'm going to broadcast. In other updates, Mike's mom was in and out of the ER again. Hopefully it's just a simple infection, but I'm keeping her in my prayers so that she might recover quickly. We're hoping when the house sells we'll get to stop by again. Keeping our fingers crossed in the meantime.

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