Saturday, January 12, 2008

writing another resolution or 2

Ok, as I was typing out and editing my last post, I came up with some more resolutions goals for the new year. I heard someone else speak of them as goals, and I really liked that idea. So here are a couple more:

My goal for 2008 is ... to have the 1st sentence of every post work with 'find katerina...'

If part of my goal of this blog is to help others 'find' me and find out what I'm doing, this will help me focus the info on here. It reminds me of a facilitator 'trick', where you tell your group, or specific people in the group that they have to use "I need" statements whenever they talked to someone else. It's harder than you think. Try it sometime. "I need to make sure I'm not going off on a tangent. I need you to bear with me if I do."

My goal for 2008 is... to be more crafty. Try some new things, and share some with others.

As anyone who knows me knows, I'm addicted to podcasts. And I've just found a few more video podcasts that I really enjoy and that make me want to make great stuff! So I'm going to try to be more creative and try things. I'd also like to pass that craftiness along to some other people, so I'm working on some places to volunteer to teach the things that I do know to some other people.

Ok, to share some info with you guys, here are some of those video and podcast that I really like and why:

A more recent one that I'm now addicted to is Threadbangers. It's a DIY sewing videocast with ideas that are great and pretty feasible. Every time I see a new episode I get inspired and want to try it out. Unfortunately, as I've learned from making the bunny, some things are going to have to wait, as my old singer won't be able to handle the job. But that's ok for now. It'll keep me from biting off more than I can chew.

Another videocast I just found is Knittterati - it's super cute and has some good links and ideas, and is well done. She has 3 episodes up, but I'm looking forward to more.

My old school favorite, and first video-cast is Let's Knit2ogether. Cat is the host and her husband does the video editing, and it's really professionally done. She gives tutorials and tips and tricks and shows you what her experience is, which is great for the visual learner.

For crafty podcasts we have:

The podcast that got me started on my addiction: Cast-On with Brenda Dayne. It's a philosophy/philosophical knitting podcast, and she does a nice job of pulling the two together. It's the type of podcast you can go back and listen to again and again.

One of my all time favorites, Craftlit. She talks a bit about what's going on in her wold and then reviews the chapters of a book that you then listen to. She's a former English professor and has some great insight on the stories. She only does books in the public domain so she can use Librivox for the chapters. Oh, and did I mention I also love her voice- shhh!.

Craftcast with Allison Lee. She's really uplifting and motivating and interviews all sorts of wonderful people in the crafting world.

I'm pretty entertained by the new CRL one from Vickie Howell too. I was a little nervous, thinking it would be too.. commercial or something, but it's very ... organic and laid back. Good info and great interviews there too.

Now, honestly, I listen to and enjoy quite a few more, but I think this will do for now, and I'll put some of my other faves under my "i like to listen to" or my "they entertain me" lists. Give a listen to one or two and let me know what you think!


Mimi said...

Deep sigh, live in the sticks I run so slow I cannot get the podcasts wimpering. ok heres something to consider for your new adventures. Needle tatting . I learned to crochet then knit then had a go at shuttle tatting I made it but soo slow. Then needle tatting oh my gosh loved it and it was so natural after knitting. Then I went to the Lucet I just made idiots cord for Civil War uniforms, but aleast I mastered it well sort of. Just tossed this out because I like this learning new things each year as well. Best gifts I ever recieved was when someone taught me a new skill.

katerina said...

Thanks for the great idea! When I used to live in Chicago, a friend's mother tried to teach me at knit nite, and I couldn't quite get the hang of it, but maybe i need to give it another try! :)