Sunday, February 17, 2008

playing with Carlo and html

Over the weekend my brother came into town for a wedding, and stayed with us for the few days he was in town. On valentines day I helped out the daughter of the groom by babysitting while they were at the reception. The little girl was a cutie, although she was sick and kept waking herself up because she had a cold. I managed to get a bit of my newest project done:

It's the beginning of the Quant headband - a lot of people say it's a bit fiddly, but I think once I really get going on it, it'll go pretty quickly. It was nice to have the mostly quite time watching the baby to focus and work on it.

I did not get the ugg booties done in time. I tried to get them the right size but they were just too big. Here's one next to a pen to give it perspective:

Too big for a 6mo. old. I may end up frogging them - we'll see. But I did finish my cabled baby hat - it turned out pretty cute! I wasn't sure what size it would be, but I'm thinking it'll go into the mail for Gabriella in place of the booties. I'm thinking I can also enlarge it, and maybe make soem hats fro my other nieces and nephews since they're still getting some major snow.

I also managed to figure out how to put progress bars from the things I'm working on on Ravelry up on my blog. Next time I have some time to play with it, I'm hoping to figure out how to get the pictures to show as well. But that will have to wait until later. I get sucked in to fiddling with everything and it ends up taking waay longer than I plan. So it goes. :)


LadyLungDoc said...

Belated congrats on selling your house! It took us several months to sell our old place because of the vagaries of the housing market in Kelowna. I've seen several Quants out there - very tempting to cast on for one.

String Theory Blog said...

Oooh, like that headband very much. Nice color choices. I'd like to see it completed.
I have to do more with my Ravelry membership - I'd probably do more if I could load images straight out of my blog and not have to go via Flickr.
Impressed that you got knitting done around a sick baby. You're talented!