Monday, March 3, 2008

packing up and moving out

I had written a big long diatribe of how much I was dreading the moving, and the sorting and the packing, and at this point, it's a bit late for that. I'm here and it's happening. It's happening! It's really happening! YEAH! We're really moving. I'm soo excited about it.

I've got to keep this short, because I really do need to get the packing done, as we have a limited amount of time. I got in Friday, and had a small panic attack when I realized I didn't have any keys to the house, and my previous house-mates were no where to be found. But found they were, and I was able to sleep in my old bed again which was heavenly!

Mike joined me on Saturday, and we ran around getting supplies. Since then it's been packing packing and more packing! We are having people over tomorrow to say a last farewell, then we pick up the truck on Wednesday and drive off on Friday morning.

We were supposed to sign on Thursday, but the buyers had some issues, so we signed today to get things all out of the way so we can still return in time to start work/school next Monday. I'm also hoping to make it one last time to my old S&B up in the city, but it'll all depending on timing.

It's not been as emotional as I thought it was going to be so far, but I think it's because I keep looking to the future. I'm even ready to give up my old bedroom furniture that I was hanging onto. It's just furniture right? We'll see how long I can keep this positive attitude though.

To prep for the trip down, I did make a great little DPN case for all my needles (that's double pointed needles for all you non-knitters) I"ll put some pictures up when I return. I'm really proud of it. It's nothing fancy, but I really like the way it came out.

So, I'll have pictures, and I'm sure some stories when I return, but hopefully all will go smoothly.

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