Saturday, May 3, 2008

at the sheep and wool days

Last weekend I went to the sheep and wool days at Middleton Place - it was pretty cute. I went on Sunday and it was much quieter than I expected - I was expecting a bigger crowd I guess. I did get to meet some great people from the Charleston Spinning guild:

and they kindly let me take their picture.

There were some women shearing sheep by hand:

And I met some others who I didn't catch on film, but were great to talk to. It makes me want to learn how to spin, but I must resist. I know it can only handle one hobby at a time.

There were also some cute cashmere goats:

Alpaca recently sheared - they really didn't want their picture taken, and kept shying away, but I finally got a shot:

And some very proud peacocks:

Middleton Place reminded me a lot of my outdoor drama days at Blue Jacket, and my theatre days were definitely calling to me. Perhaps I should look into what options are here in Charleston in the theatre world.

Overall it was interesting, but I think next time I'd really like to go and take the tour and see the rest of the grounds with The Plasterer. I think he'd really enjoy it. He was finishing up papers and studying for his finals which are this week. Just a little bit longer and he'll have some time to do some exploring and playing. Our 5 year anniversary is coming up, and it'll fit in perfectly for when this school year ends but before his summer internship begins.

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