Sunday, July 13, 2008

reprogramming a phone

Over the weekend Mike and I stopped by the AT&T store so he could check out the new iPhone. Being a Mac-man through and through, it only made sense that he would want one. The clerk who was 'assisting us', if you could call it that, was less than impressive, and we kind of felt the same way about the plans themselves. Both of our plans are up in Nov. but we've not used AT&T, and especially here in Charleston, so we're a little weary of how the service will be.

Currently we're both with Sprint, and I've had Sprint for a really long time, and have done well with them. I can usually get service even when others can't - and to me, that's really all I need my phone to do. Of course, when I lost my phone a few weeks ago, I did have to revert to a phone that was so archaic (in terms of phones these days anyway), that it didn't even accept text messages. This was slightly annoying enough to get an 'new-to-me' phone from a friend at work, so I guess I do appreciate having the ability to utilized all the fancy gadgets - I just wouldn't say I pick a phone for that reason.

We'll see whether he decides it's worth the hassle and in the meantime, I just spent a few hours re-inserting all the names and numbers I usually have on my phone. Good fun. Did you make the list? Give me a call and find out hee-hee.

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