Monday, November 24, 2008

celebrating her birthday!!!!

that's right. I'm old. getting older. But now Mike and I are the same age - for at least another couple of months!

I'm getting ready to head to Louisiana to see my aunt/uncle and cousins (one of which happens to share my birthday as well!) and am trying to figure out what I need to do and bring before I leave. I am, of course, knitting her something, and have tried 3 different yarns to find the right one for the gift I'm making for her. (MB - if you read this - don't click the link!!). The first attempt was too manly, but I loved the stitch and am going to use it as a scarf. The second, is working, but rather bright, and may be used for a matching parent/sister gift - we'll see. The third I will cast on in the car once we're on our way in this yarn:

It's so soft and yummy! Considering how the yarn for the other two worked out, I may have to try a couple of needle sizes, but it should work out perfectly. I just love the stitch pattern, it's really easy and looks great. I think I'll be making quite a few of these (not that 3 isn't a few...) because I think I want one for myself!

In other news, the baptism went great, and the bonnet, although didn't match her dress at all (antique white vs. White-white) it looked cute for the 2 minutes it was on:

We got to see a lot of Mike's family and not only was there a baptism, but also a birthday for William! Go November Birthdays! and I took lots of cute pictures. I've put them up on my Kodak gallery, and will be sending out links to the family. William has a fascination with keys, and during the baptism, was fixated on opening up a side vestabul door with his parents car keys - it was super cute. I took a series of shots of him trying to unlock the door, as well as shots of the actual baptism that are gone off my camera! I have no idea where they went - but then Mike suggested that I may have been using someone elses camera. This is a possibility as there were a number of camera's being passed around, and I really hope I was - there were some cute pictures on there.

We went to a pot-luck dinner the other night thrown by students from Mike's school, and it was very nice. We brought homemade cranberry sauce that hadn't had time to cool/gel, but it still tasted pretty good and pumpkin tartlets that were a hit! I made another batch last night and have been trying not to eat the entire dish.

I still have not seamed the EZ Sweater, but I have finished knitting it:

It needs to be blocked, and I realized I got so far and then just kinda skipped/skimmed over the directions at the end - I didn't do any of the shaping at the bottom (there are supposed to be some decreases in there somewhere) and I think I was supposed to pick-up the armholes when I picked up the rest of the sweater. *shrug* that's the EZ way I suppose, and I'm happy with how it came out.

Now I'm off to get my hair cut, run some other errands and then it's off to Louisiana to give thanks for my wonderful family!!!

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