Saturday, November 8, 2008

at then end of antother crazy week

It's been another busy week, but a quiet weekend, which is nice. It seems like so long ago now, but I did get out and vote on Tuesday. I think they only had one polling place for all of DI where I live, because I spent 3 hrs in line waiting to vote!! The first 1 and 1/2 was just waiting to sign in! This was due partly to my last name being in the middle of the alphabet, so our line was the longest. Then we had to get back at the end of another line that wrapped back and around the parking lot. It was really crazy. I did remember to bring my knitting along and Mike was with me, so I managed.

Then Thursday night was the Fete des Artisans at Mike's school - it was a lot of fun, and both Mike and I got all dolled up to go. Here we are in front of what they've been working on all semester:

Of course looking at it now, we're standing in front of half of their work so here it is as a more unobstructed view:

It was very nice and there was some good food and fun people. One of the ladies I met wowed me with her eyelashes - she had teeny-tiny beads on them!

Are they not great? I love them. I want some. Of course having blue eyes and long lashes in the first place can't hurt either, but I'm determined to find them and find a place to wear them and look just as fabulous!

Today while out shopping, I stopped into a boutique where jeans start at around $250, and was browsing around when I saw the adult version of the sweater I just finished for Crystal's baby on the rack for over $180! I was laughing when I saw it, but then thought - maybe there are a few fun and Christmas presents in it....I could definitely make it out of a better yarn than it was made out of. It still makes me giggle a bit. Well, we know Molly Mack will be fashionable this year! I really did enjoy making that sweater, and I think it's going to become a staple/favorite of mine. I'm going to try it in a few different types of yarn, and then perhaps the adult version is next. I need to see if Ravelry already has one on file to save me some math.

I also completed some knitting this week. The baby bonnet I've been working on is done and I've actually finished something early for a change! The christening is next weekend and I don't have to mail it, so I know it will be there on time and completed. I think this is a first. Of course, I now want to cast on something else either for William or another gift for Cindy. The EZ sweater is coming along, I have one sleeve done and it's going much quicker on the second, but I get distracted easily so I pick it up and put it down. But I've got the pattern down solid in my head so I know it'll go faster now. I should keep an eye out for good buttons. Any suggestions on colors?

2 things I didn't get to go to were my brother's Prive party that he had in Atlanta. They're an invitation only party, at an undisclosed location until the evening of. He's a chef who has a great Cooking/Party Company in San Francisco, and so normally I just hear about them. This time the party was in Atlanta GA, which is only a few hours away, but we weren't able to go because of Mike's schools fundraiser. I heard it went over well, and hope maybe next time he's on this side of the US we'll be able to make it.

Also my cousin Sabrina is receiving her Confirmation this weekend - I didn't realize how hard it can be to find a decent Confirmation - or Christening card these days. It took us three stores, with the last one being a Hallmark store before we found a nice selection. I know next time to hit up Hallmark first. I did not knit/crochet anything for her, but am sending some love along - late as usual. The nice thing about family is they know you, and love and forgive you anyway.

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