Saturday, December 20, 2008

gearing up for another long drive

I was going to start my post with an explanation of my lack of blogging lately, but then saw this icon:
and explanation while browsing some blogs and decide to keep my apologies to myself.

Mike and I are on our way to the 'ville for Christmas and quite a few of our friends will be in town as well, so it'll be nice to see family and friends over the holidays. I'm not looking forward to the change in weather, as the temperature here in Charleston has be between 60-80 these past few days and it's just been beautiful. But that also means, I haven't felt as much in the Christmas spirit, because it doesn't feel like Christmastime. I suppose I'll be over that in a few days, but in the meantime, I'm rushing around trying to remind myself that Christmas is in one week people! one week!!

I've had work parties and social events for the holidays, and haven't gotten much knitting done at all, but I did get to go to a wonderfully fun yarn-tasting at Knit last Saturday. They had 20 small balls of yarn in little muffin cups to try out, knit with and see what you liked. Vera decided to crochet hers, and ended up with a beautiful granny square of a multitude of colors and expanding weights - it was really pretty:

I was taking a bit longer and am bringing my samples with me over the holiday to play with. I am trying to come up with some favorite yarns so I have some staples to go to, but then again that will also encourage growth for my already-needing-to-be-trimmed stash, so I should be careful.

And the previous Thursday I got to talk to Franklin Habit while he was at a book signing for his book It Itches, at my favorite yarn shop in Chicago - Sister Arts Studio. He is so funny and such a charming person to talk to and it was great to talk with him & all my knitting sisters as well! He even blogged about it here. When I lived in Chicago, I used to see him at events and follow his blog pretty regularly - and it's nice to see that he had a good time while he was there. He's one of those multi-talent people like Mike, where he can do photography, draw, knit and write all with ease and beauty. I am so in awe of such artistic people.

Mike and I often have discussions about the difference between creative people, or coordinated people who can create and artists.
I classify the first as those who can following others directions, - i.e. place nail, hit with hammer, miss finger or see number, wet brush, apply appropriate paint. They have the ability to manipulate the mediums to copy or imitate the ideas of others. Or maybe they have great ideas but not necessarily the talent to get their ideas across - (I'm thinking win, loose or draw, or charades on a much craftier level) Not inspiring, but wonderful and gets the idea across.

Then there's having a gift or talent that I think of for an artist - the ability to create something from nothing or something amazing from another simple thing. Having an idea or image or creation reach others and speak volumes, inspire to create and be happy. I think of an artist as putting that type of beauty and inspiration into anything they work on or create. And do it well. Really well.

I guess for me, I put myself in the first category and Mike and Franklin and plenty of people like them in the second. I have lots of ideas, great intentions, I can follow a pattern and pull a loop through with a hook or pointy stick, but give me a blank sheet of paper, and it stays blank. I can point and shoot a camera and won't cut your head off, but it also won't be something you need to print out and hang on the wall or use as your background. And I'm okay with that. I know my 'talents and gifts' lie elsewhere and I enjoy exploring them.

But when I browse Franklin's pictures, or cartoons or knitted pieces, or watch Mike freehand or create his website, or see the pieces he's carved, I am always amazed and inspired and think, ... how awesome. I wish I could do that. And I love knowing people like that because they are what keep me creating and trying and doodling and thinking and maybe someday I'll inspire somebody too.

On that note, may your Christmas (or whatever holiday you are celebrating) inspire and create happiness and joy wherever you go!

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Daisy mum said...

You won!!!!!!!!!!The gift set(soap candle, and felted bowl. Congrats!!!!!!! I will need your mailing address. Please email me so that I can send it to you. thank you for entering my contest!!!