Sunday, April 5, 2009

worn out!

This weekend was wonderful and draining!

Our friends drove down this past weekend, 10 hours from KY, for their spring break and stayed with Mike and I while they checked out Charleston. They have 3 little ones, twin 4yr old boys and a 2.5 yr old - all simply adorable, adorable boys, and cute as buttons! But to tell you the truth, I don't know how they do it!!!

While Mike was at school, and I at work Thurs. and Fri. they checked out the Aquarium and submarines at Patriots Point. We checked out a cute pirate-history-themed restaurant called Queen Ann's Revenge, for dinner on Thursday night - which the boys loved (although they did keep calling Blackbeard Captain Hook, but I think we can let that pass) and their history-buff of a father enjoyed as well. Friday we chose Andolini's for a bit more relaxing pace and walked around downtown - finishing up with some delicious ice-cream.

On Saturday, we took a carriage ride, took a tour of the old city Jail where Mike's school is, and ended up on the beach to throw sticks and rocks into the ocean. And as they say, Sunday was a day of rest - at least for Mike and I - Susie and Mark had to drive back, and then start up with school and work on Monday bright and early.

I don't know how they keep up their energy - it took the steam out of Mike and I, and if you think about it, that was 4 adults to 3 kids!! It also makes me reflect on how my parents did it too. There were 4 of us, within 5 years, and we used to drive from Kentucky to upstate New York and New Jersey every couple of summers, in our old station wagon. No DVD players, usually only one walk-man to share between us (or maybe two, but one set of headphones didn't work very well), our crayons and cooler of food and that was it! License-plate games and pillows and blankets were our entertainment for as much as I can remember. I couldn't even read in the car because it made me car-sick. Of course I don't remember seat-belts being enforced very hard for us back then either, so at least we were able to move around and mess with each other. Although I don't know if that made things easier or more difficult for our parents!

Anyway, the weekend was fun, and it was really great to see my friends from home. I hope others will follow suite and come and visit too. I'll post pictures as soon as my camera recharges - I was letting the boys be little paparazzi, and they used up every bit of the battery - taking pictures of silly things like their hands and the glasses on the table and such, but I guess you've got to start somewhere eh?


Dana said...

I'm surprised the kidlets lasted through that tour de force of Charleston!

Daisymum said...

It sounds like they had fun. The secret to how you do it is "You just do" nobody know how, you simply just do!!!

B said...

I heard rumors to the effect of your own little amigurumi creation. How so uber cool for you!