Monday, March 30, 2009

actually blogging on a weekday

I've noticed that I seem to be blogging on the weekends only - and by that time, it's hard to remember all the events of the week, or it could be that my week just isn't that exciting!

This weekend i know is going to be a bit crazy- in a good way! My hometown-old school-longtime friend Susie & her family are traveling down from the 'ville for a visit! I'm super excited :) I haven't seen them since Christmas (which I know wasn't that long ago...) but they're the first friends that have come to see us in our new 'digs'.

She's got 3 little ones, so I spent the weekend cleaning, and will tonight and tomorrow as well to ensure things are put up and away from their little hands. I wish I was a fast enough knitter to make all 3 of them a little toy, but that's outside my abilities.

I'm hoping the weather holds out and hear there is a nice Flower/Azalea festival going on not far from here over the weekend. And of course there's always the beach! But I don't' know if it'll be quite warm enough for that - I hope so though - Mike's been craving the beach, and I always think the more the merrier on the beach. I mean - a game of Boccie is great fun with Mike, but sometimes it's nice to have a team rather than 2 ppl playing!

I'm sure after the weekend there will be plenty to post and lots of pictures of cute little faces! (I can't wait to see the little cuties!!!). Hmmm.. maybe if I knit them really really reeeaaallly small things?

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Susan said...

Hey Katerina, you won the contest! Courtney picked your idea for the title of the garter! Congratulations! Email me your address to knitting alone at gmail dot com and I'll send you your prize! And thanks again.