Monday, September 7, 2009

watching time fly by...

I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted! So much has happened - most of which has kept me from blogging, I just haven't had the time/energy!!

First off - Baby updates - 2 new babies in the Tamburro family - one to each of my two older brothers

Carlo/Kristin are the proud parents of :
Dominik "Nico" John Tamburro - born on Aug. 16th and

Alex/Amy are the proud parents of:
Max Michael Tamburro - born on Sept. 4th

Here are the boys "practicing" with me many years ago - I think they're going to do much better now!

I also got a promotion at work, and have moved up into a larger role - which means I'm spending a bit more time at work trying to get all my 'ducks in a row' before I go on my own maternity leave! So my focus there in getting into my new stride has taken up some of my time too, but I'm enjoying the position and excited about it!

I spent a week in KY with some old school friends who threw me a great baby shower! Here are a couple of shots of me out with friends and at the shower:

An evening out:

The best type of cake:

and the shower:

It was fun and silly and good to see my friends.

Mike started school again and is working hard as a Junior this year. He's also trying to get things lined up for when the baby comes. I can't believe it's happening so fast!! I've only got 2 months left - and I feel like there is so so so much to be done!

I have a few things on the needles to be finished up in the next few days and sent out to the new parents, and then a couple more in que for me and some other prego mamas! Pictures next time. I'm converting my office and craft room into the baby's room, and we're trying to find a place for all my stuff! It'll all work out, I know, I just need to keep calm and breath. There are days I get totally overwhelmed with all the decisions and things to do, and others I've got more energy than I know what to do with and don't know where to focus it. I usually have my hands full on those days anyway. Maybe that's for the best!


Kerry said...

Love the picture of you as baby! The cousins look a like - I wonder what you are having! Great posting

Leeanne said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, wow your brothers babies do look alike and it is great that all your babies will be the same age and grow up together.

Sara said...

Precious babies. I love the boys taking "care" of you. Glad to hear their techniques have improved.