Saturday, September 26, 2009

having a bit of pre-mamma anxiety

So at the Dr.'s last week, I realized that I am 34 weeks along, which means.. I have about a month and a half to go. Yikes!!! we're not ready!!! (is anybody ever???)

My due date was either the 2nd or the 5th, the doctors office chose the 2nd and I've always kept in my head the 5th (I hear your first is usually late), but I just checked the moon cycle and the full moon is due for Nov. 2nd. So... I may be right on time! (not that I hold a lot of stock in such things, but... they do say more babies are born on a full moon!)

I have some pictures from my trip to visit my brother and SIL in DC
Here are some pictures of "baby Dominic" as Gabriella called every toy/doll and her brother all weekend - it was so cute!!

Baby Dominic and Daddy

Baby Dominic and Mommy:

Baby Dominic and Gabriella:

G being much kinder to her brothers than mine looked like they were to me....

Me and Baby D:
(not the best picture)

And Daddy and his babes taking a nap:

I did finish my purple sweater and it fit Gabriella perfectly - but I didn't get any pictures of her in it - At first she wouldn't take it - all presents were for 'baby Dominic", but eventually she warmed up to it and I was happy to see it fit! Just she and I went to the park and played while her parents had an event to go to, so it was nice to spend some one on one time with her. One of my favorite shots was of her on the swings:

Having just come from 3 days at a work conference, I was pretty worn out - between having my 'game-face" on the whole time, and staying up late while everyone drank and socialized, it really exhausted me. The scary thing is, I know that when the baby comes, I'll be 8 times more tired than I was that weekend! Yeah, feeling a bit unprepared, but I know we'll do fine when the time comes.

Mike and I are going to pick up the crib and narrow down our choice for a chair today. I have one more baby shower coming up next weekend, and we're just trying to spend some quality time together and get the house ready. Crazy times eh?

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Sara said...

My daughter was a day earlier than my due date. Thank dog 'cause I was as big as a house and was ready to have her!