Saturday, October 31, 2009

waiting on baby get a move on!

Baby is completely content to just hang out in mama's belly and dance! My due date technically is this Monday, the 2nd, but they had also given us the date of the 5th, and I've had that date in my head for most of the pregnancy. Although it is the first full moon of Nov. I think baby's going to wait a bit till the end of the week at least.

As of right now, I don't feel much different than I did a week ago, or 2 weeks ago.... and it's not a bad thing, I'm pretty content too. The heartburn and that I get tired more easily are really the only things that bug me. So I'm good to wait until the baby's ready to say hello.

The Dr. was worried a bit because I'm so small for how far along I am, and we had a couple of extra ultra sounds to check and make sure baby had enough food/fluids etc. to be okay - and all is good. Baby passed his/her first in-utero test with flying colors! 100% - go baby go!

We're getting tested again on Monday, and we'll see how that goes - hopefully we'll have the same results. The nice thing about it was we got another ultrasound and Mike was there for this one- he missed the 20 wk ultrasound due to being in NY, so it was nice for him to see baby in real-time. Here are a couple of profile and face shots from last weeks ultrasound:

Here is a profile - and what looks like bubbles is the umbilical cord:

These two are face forward shots, you have to turn your head to the side, but I think they are so sweet... top of baby head is ---->this way looking straight at you.

look at those cheeks!

Here - baby is sleeping same as above - forehead is ----> like baby is laying on the side facing out:

My friend Jean made me the cutest baby hat EVER!!! I just love it! it puts my knitting to shame, and it was her first attempt at fair isle - it's just beautiful:

This week, Mike and I attended his school's fundraiser, called the RED party - it was a masquerade ball, and everyone was all dressed up. They had this fabulous person in drag with an amazing costume:

My friend Meghan and I got our pictures taken with... her

Not my favorite shot of me, but ah well!

Meghan made her mask out of broken mirror parts - it was really cool:

It was a good time but really loud, and I was tuckered out by 10pm.
Off to do some more knitting and enjoy the last few days of my pregnancy!


Daisymum said...

The hat is supper cute. I can't wait to see the baby wearing it, will you post a pic with it on?

Jean said...

awww... thanks, Katerina... I'm so glad you liked the hat and I can't wait to see the little bug in it! I'll be thinking of you this week!