Saturday, October 31, 2009

preparing for baby

Ok, I first started writing this post when I had three weeks to go - now I have.. um 2 days.
We'll start with the old post...

Three weeks to go! Eeek!!

I know I know. Everyone wants pictures of me and my belly. It's just hard to find a good time to take one - in other words - when I feel like I look cute or at least half-way decent! Here are a couple of shots to sooth you all. (The ones in purple are from 2/3 weeks ago - the ones in blue - last week - I really haven't changed much...)

Mike and I are trying to pull things together for the baby. We're putting together the final details and trying not to freak out in the process. Or more than that - not get overwhelmed. There is SOOO much advice out there, and so many differing ideas, it's hard not to get swept away by all the chaos.

We have the crib set up, and have finally decided on a glider/rocker -although the picture isn't that cute, it looks much better in person and is very comfortable. We have our car seats and bases - and are putting them into the cars this weekend. I have started packing my bag and need to pick up some snacks and books to put in there. I'm hoping I'll have a quick labor like my SIL's though.

I have been knitting. I'm half-way through the cutest little guy called grumpasaurus - I misplaced one of my DPN's half way through knitting him, but I just picked up the next smaller size and substituted - it's a toy, and the fabric should be tight anyway!

I finished the baby sweater for Max and sent it off - here's a final picture, which doesn't do it justice:

And to torture myself, I've started IceQueen in a beautiful red/pink/purple colorway - not sure how it'll look with the hot pink color, but I couldn't find anything else I liked to make with the yarn (which is soft and oh-so-pretty!), since I only have one ball. I am still open to suggestions if anyone knows of a laceweight wrap/shawl etc. that would look good in the Alchemy yarn. Here's my colorway:

I'll put my new thoughts into another post....

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