Saturday, February 20, 2010

back at work

Which is my main excuse for not posting sooner!

Starting mid-Jan, I went back to work full time. It wasn't to much of an adjustment to going back - I felt like I settled back into the swing of things pretty smoothly. For me, the big thing was the catch up! I hate the feeling of being behind - even before I've started! So the first couple of weeks was just trying to dig-out from all that had piled up while I was out. I am very lucky, and have great support team at work, and that made it easier.

Then, the first week of Feb. the Little Man started Day care! :( So sad. That was an adjustment in and of itself, ironing out the details of pickup and drop off, what to bring, how much he'd eat, etc. etc. I feel like we're getting a good rhythm now with it too. I like the place, they're very sweet, and they work with me on the breastmilk/breastfeeding, which I was worried about. But I am able to drop off what I pump the night before when I pick him up, and they don't throw away the extra, but use it for the next feeding, I can stop by anytime... all that good stuff.

They say he's a great kiddo - always smiling, doesn't spit up (?? What! he does at home - hmmm... maybe I'm jostling him too much...) only cries when he's hungry. So it sounds like he likes it too! It's nice when you feel comfortable with where you're leaving him.

 Of course, it's been a while with pictures, so... here are a few of Aiden at 2 months. I can't believe he's now 3 months old already! Wave hello honey!

A good family friend came to visit Aiden a few weeks ago, and Mamma Maz and had a great time with Aiden:

I've been knitting, and Aiden's been my model - here's a hat I made for my new....what would they be called if they're your 1st cousin's kid? 1st cousin once removed? 2nd cousin....anyways.. Cooper's hat:


Of course, I had to make one for Aiden, which I did - with matching mittens!

This is the first shot, I changed the hat so it's now more of a watchman's cap, but I love this picture :)
And a couple more of my favorite Aiden shots:

He really is a good boy and just so wonderful to be around! It's amazing to see how Mike's face just lights up whenever he's with him - we both just laugh and laugh. I am truly truly blessed. He's started squawking too - I call it pterodactyling - it's just too cute!

Then the highlight of the month for living in Charleston - we actually got snow! Now that completes my experience here and it was the perfect type of snow - here one day, melted the next, still really pretty and not too cold:

And I'll leave you with that image...


Sara said...

OMG you have the most photogenic baby EVER (and this include my own "eyes are always closed" Offspring.)

Better get used to it now, kids always do annoying things at home but never at school. Which really is ok. Better to keep the embarrassing stuff at home, right? lol

Jenni, Jim, Evan and Julia Kershaw said...

He is darling, Kat. You are a lucky Mama! Oh, and Cooper is your first cousin once removed. Aiden and Cooper are second cousins. Love ya!

loganmarsh said...

He is too adorable!!! Glad you all are doing well. Logan use to make sounds like an ewok. Enjoy it they grow so fast.