Saturday, April 5, 2008

looking for more rainbows

The rainbow has faded and left in it's wake an empty house still left to sell. The deal on our house fell through. As I told the guys at work the next day "What am I going to do - cry about it?" Which I did. But now we're moving on. It is what it is, and we still have some options and so we're moving forward - looking for more rainbows. Know anybody who wants to live on the south side of Chicago?

We have gotten quite a bit of our boxes unpacked. There are only a handful left. That makes me happy because when I have a specific place to put things, I am much more likely to put them away. It's when I don't know where things are supposed to go that they end up sitting out for weeks and weeks.

I'm furiously working on a semi-secret knitting project that I'm hoping to get done in the next 3 weeks - at the moment it's not looking good. I'm having some trouble with a 5-row lace repeat. I think I just need to work on it when no one is around to distract me. I ripped it out 3-4 times and finally pulled out some other yarn and did a test swatch (which I only had to re-do twice) and figured out how it's supposed to work. Now I'm ready to tackle it for real. I think the stress of the last two weeks may have had something to do with it as well. Little peak:

My other projects need to go into the mail, and I just haven't found time to get that done - which is a shame because it's warming up enough that they really aren't going to be needed much any more. It's beautiful here in SC, and I hear it's warming up in Chicago too. One thing at a time though.

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