Sunday, June 1, 2008

dragging her feet

I'm not sure what on, but I've just had a few weeks of the blahs. Not really wanting to do much of anything. I have managed to accomplish a few things in that time though. Sorry I haven't been blogging about it.

Mike and I have almost unpacked all our boxes. We at least went through the ones containing all our pictures and decided which ones go where. Not that they've been hung yet, but at least we've decided and they're sitting in the appropriate room or hallway. And in all honesty, Mike is hanging some of them as I type.
There were a few left over that didn't make it or wouldn't fit in here, so I took a few to work. Most of you that know me might recognize the subject of this one - and those of you who know me even better might possibly recognize the lamp on the desk as well. Yes, that is my arm in the picture, but I cut myself out - it wasn't pretty. The picture is from my officemates i-phone - it worked pretty well - I was impressed.

At home, I was trying to do a bit for a contest, (didn't end up getting my submission in in time - my iMovie couldn't find the movie - after 5 hours of work - grrr) and was trying out a few things I had seen on the show. One of which was a book side/end table for your bedroom - which I though was really cute -

but Mike kinda uses those books, so he wasn't as receptive to it. That's alright, we've got a table to use, I just like this idea. Speaking of, I was calling him 'The Plasterer' but he said it reminded him too much of "The Maestro" on Sienfeld, so we're back to Mike

Too sooth a few requests, here's an actual picture of us on our anniversary, instead of just the food - I believe this was one of the self portraits that we do, and should explain a bit of the absurd looks between us. I was focused on taking the picture, and Mike was focused.. well if you can call it that - on me.

All I can say is that we are dorks - truly.

I have been doing a bit of knitting, and the sale at Knit has inspired me to make my own tank. I usually stick to smaller projects - ones that can be finished quickly, carried around easily and if I mess up, aren't too much to frog. The christening gown was one of my biggest projects, in size and complexity combined. But it also inspired me to do more. I found some beautiful blue linen/cotton yarn that I want to make a tank top called Calla out of.

I also bought some Bellagio yarn that I am making into a mobius drop-lacy shrug. I already made one that I forgot to take pictures of, so I'll make sure to do so for this one. The yarn I do have pictures of, but they're not as clear because of the shine.

pretty huh? I think it'll make a really nice evening shawl/wrap thingy. I'm just hoping it's not too scratchy when I get finished.

I've just started making dishcloths too - I've finished one and have started on the second. Part of it is stashbusting, another part is to try some new things, and they're a great way to do so - plus they fit into my MO (see above). Here's what I've got to start:

Once I have a few of my favorites, I have a recipient in mind that I think will really use and appreciate them.

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