Wednesday, June 25, 2008

working out

Yup. After a nudge from work with a health incentive and another from trying on too many bathing suits and finding nada - I finally did it. I joined a gym here in Charleston.

I went to my first class on Tues. I did alright keeping up, but I'm not sure that particular class is going to work - I had to think too much, and didn't feel that challenged aerobically - but it's a new instructor I think, so I may give it another try down the road. They have a good variety, and I went to anther on Friday that I am still feeling the effects of today. It reminded me how out of shape I am - which is good and motivating. They also have a bunch of yoga classes that I'm excited to try as well. Then maybe I can find a bathing suit that I like... at least here in SC they still have them in the stores for a while.

Mike and I have also purchased a new TV entertainment center/console. We were actually looking for coffee tables and end tables as our anniversary gift, and ended up finding it instead. Of course it was in the last store, on the 4th floor of a furniture mall we had been looking at all day. But when we saw the piece we both said "I really like that! And it looks like us!" (in the - it looks like something we would buy/have - not it looks like a picture of the two of us heeh!)
As we look for furniture, we're finding those aren't words that come our of both of our mouths very often - so we decided it was meant to be and bought it. I guess the coffee tables will have to wait for the next spark of 'meant-to-be'.

Knitting wise I've been working (not very hard) on a tank top called Calla. I love the design, although I'm working on mine in the round, and removing a few eyelets that may let people 'see' too much, so I'm tweaking the pattern just a bit to accommodate.

A few weeks ago, I finished a mobius scarf/wrap as a store sample for Knit, and am knitting it again in a sparkly maroon and black. I need to take pictures, but right now they wouldn't do it much justice because the knitting is all bunched together because it's knit in the round, and circles in on itself, so you can' t see the pattern. I'm also having a small problem that the needles have come apart in the middle of knitting it, and it's fiddly to get it back on with the stitches correctly. Once I get it all finished, I'll post pictures.

I've also been working on some baby booties, but I'm not getting very far. Either my gage ends up being waay off, or I get stuck on the finishing part. I've been working on a pair from my favorite Erika Knights book (sometimes called this) and I just love the look of them, but when I go to seam them up - it just doesn' t seem like it'll work right - so I haven't done it yet. Not sure what I'm waiting for, perhaps I should knit up the second one and seam them at both at the same time. But I've got plenty of people popping little ones out, so I've got to find a pattern I like and get to it!

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