Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Knitting away for more little ones

Yep KM's right :

That's my Happy New Year Wishes picture of Gabriella from my brother - I'm an aunt again - that makes 10!

The newest Tamburro is due in Sept. and the other baby I hinted at is our friends Karl & Emily - they're on their 3rd! Nopressurenopressurenopressure....

Actually I'm enjoying celebrating all these new babies - and another friend's baby is due pretty soon, so I've been working on his gift - trying to find just the right yarn for the project - so far it hasn't worked out exactly as I wanted, but I think it'll turn out pretty cute. Here's a mystery shot of bits of the swatching I've been doing, :

And I've actually started something for myself! I'm getting pretty far on the Thermal socks, and I think I'm going to keep them - I just need to figure out how to finish up those toes better. It's not often I make something for myself really. In that theme, I have also started on a pair of Evangelines with the Malabrigo that my little younger brother gave me for Christmas for myself. They're knitting up really fast, wonderfully soft and I love the color, although this picture isn't that great -bad lighting:

The blue by my thumb is the stitch marker for the thumb stitches - I haven't put them on yet. I may do a little shaping to the palm to give it a better fit on the palm.

Next week, I'm helping out with an event associated with Mike's school and get to do a little Theatre makeup! I'm excited, but a little nervous - I haven't done any theatre stuff for a while, and I'm hoping it'll turn out right. I'm supposed to get two of the students to look like this or this or this. I'm pretty confident about the makeup - little more nervous about the costumes. I'll post pictures to show how it turns out. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

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