Saturday, March 28, 2009

getting organized

Ok! Found my phone charger - charged, found camera battery and charger - charged! Took pictures of hat, elephant, and stash - uploaded! Found new pattern - printed out, and started! I'm on a roll! It's amazing what you can find/do when you start cleaning ;)

My friends from the 'ville are coming to visit - Susie & Mark and their 3 kids, next week, so I'm trying to get thing organized for their visit, and make sure things are put up and away. Plus it being spring - we needed to do some spring cleaning as well.

Here are those pictures I was talking about:

Mike and I at the Biltmore House:

His finished hat, on his head and mine:

The finished Blue Elephante:

It feels nice to finish things. Now I'm working on this hat with the same Malabrigo I used on my Evangelines. I've started the brim and it's coming along swimmingly!

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Susan said...

I love the elephante. His or is it her colors are so cute!