Saturday, May 30, 2009

leaving the city

So my week with Mike in NY is over - so sad. It's definitely going to be different being at home without him in SC - the pregnancy just adds an unknown factor, but I'll take it one day at a time. 

While we were here, we visited the MOMA museum and I realized ... I don' t get modern art. I just don't get it. I mean, there were some pieces that were nice and that I saw took talent, but there were 3 times as many that just didn't make any sense to me - not visually, emotionally or any other way. It probably didn't help that I was exhausted after walking quite a bit, as I took the train to go see Mike's work first, and let me tell you - NY blocks are long - especially when you've been sitting on your butt for the previous few weeks. I do need to get some exercise in there. I was also asked, for the first time, in pubic, by a stranger, if I was pregnant! I guess I'm really showing then! We were waiting in line to check Mike's backpack and the guard directing people looked at me - did a double take and then said "Are you pregnant!?!" Like - what is a pregnant lady doing waiting in this line? or at the museum at all? It was a bit odd. It may have been what I was wearing or how I was standing, but it was definitely a shocker. 

We've also been to two different villages - one near Mike's work in Greenpoint, and one called Williamsburg - both cute areas with little shops and restaurants. We've had NY and NJ pizza and I do like their crusts - not like you can find in the south. Today we're thinking of hitting Central Park and tomorrow I head back to SC.

I was able to upload the video of my cute niece singing on Memorial Day - here is her singing debut to the world:

She's so cute!! I also finished the chicken - well except for a couple of spots, but pictures will have to wait until I get back to Charleston. I am working on a baby jacket by Debbie Bliss in a pretty plum color and here is the Ravelry link, but pictures would just bore you as it's just stockinette right now. 

Off to the park - and maybe a yarn store - see ya Brooklyn!


Anonymous said...

What a cute niece you have! I think she may get her singing, ahem, talent from her mom.

Anonymous said...

Hey Katarina
We are coming back for a little visit in July, let us know what your schedule is like and maybe we can catch up!
Missin ya
Mandy and Emily