Saturday, June 6, 2009

home alone

This week started my summer without Mike.

I've been taking it easy when I come home for the most part. The worst thing is trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I just have little ideas/motivation, except for the fact that I'm usually pretty hungry and wants something right away. I'm really trying not to take the easy way out and just do cereal or simple salads. I know that's not healthy. I'm working on it slowly.

Today is my day for cleaning, as I didn't do much throughout the week, and it definitely needs it. Part of that means updating my photos, so here are some pictures from my trip:

First I have to explain that on Saturday, Mike and I went walking around Central park and saw some real characters! It was great fun. The best part was happening upon the rollerskating rink. They do this every weekend and holiday during the summer, and anyone who wants can come and rollerskate/rollerblade! It was wild! and the music was great. Here are a couple of clips and pictures of some of the crazy people we saw and met:

This guy had 3 waterbottles balanced on his head while he skated around:

And did his own little 'show':

This guy was selling CD's and talking about his prodigy (above) - guess the terrycloth thing is a linking fashion statement!

A shot of half the circle:

loved his hat:

These video's give you an idea of the crazy skating that was going on - The guy in the black pants had a metal belt that read SEXY SEXY SEXY all the way around - and he had the moves (although I didn't capture them well on here)

And if you didn't know better, you would think this was a shot of my brother (Gabriella's dad) - he really really reminded me of Carlo - even with his dancing! He was completely cracking me up!

The batman guy:

His dancing:

Presenting - Dotty the Chicken! She needs a few more spots, but I'm pleased with how she came out. She looks very regal here I think:

Here's a 'cousins' shot, including the one in my growing belly:

My other niece Gabriella and her new pink hat:

The little guys we found all over union station that cracked us up, and made my feet a little less sore while walking around:

Overall, I'm really glad I was able to spend the time with Mike - I think it was good for both of us - a nice transition. We're able to Skype most nights, so that makes it easier too. Plus, I keep up with his new blog (not to be confused with his website) where he's documenting what he's doing at his internship.

Next time I'll and post more pictures of me an my belly - first I have to get someone to take some pictures for me!


Jean said...

Fun blog. Thanks for visiting mine!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Dotty The Chicken is so cute and so are the kids:)Hugs Darcy