Tuesday, June 30, 2009

at 20 wks +

So I'm a little more than halfway along in my pregnancy! I can't believe that - half way!!

I went for my 20wk ultrasound last week and it was amazing! It's always fascinating to see the baby up on the monitor moving around. Mike and I decided not to find out the sex of the baby (much to the chagrin of many of my knitting friends - sorry guys!) so I kept my eyes shut during the "money shots" while they were taking all the measurements. I had to get up and move around at one point because they couldn't get a good shot of the heart - but everything is 100% so far! Yeah for healthy baby!

Here are a few photos from the ultrasound -

The baby is on his/her back in this one, and has one knee up by the shoulder, (which kinda looks like an arm to me) and one arm tucked behind the back:

another profile shot:

The foot:

the face! Which is really pretty cool:

i think it has my nose...

in this one the baby is 'waving' to Mike - He wasn't able to be there for this ultrasound - which makes us sad, but my friend sue who went with me took some video for him to see while I was there:

The wonderful thing is I get to see him in 2 days!!! YEAH!!
I really miss him a lot. I know part of that is my hormones, but it's the little things that I miss about him not being here. I know he's not having the best time up there either and we keep telling ourselves, just a few more weeks. a few more weeks.

Then I think we're going to go to Louisville for a week or so to see some family and friends. I will fly from here and Mike will drive from NY and we'll meet up there, and then I'll drive back with him together.

I am definitely showing now, and I can feel the baby move - mostly kicking my bladder while I work - good fun! They're just little burps/bumps right now, but I'm not used to them yet so they still catch me by surprise. I hope by next week that maybe Mike will be able to feel them a little - that will be really neat.

Now it's a matter of figuring out what things we need/want for the baby. I think I'm going to go stroller shopping with Mike in NY so we can see what we both like, and I'm asking advice from some of my friends and family on everything from bottles to breast-pumps to strollers, toys and car seats.

On the knitting front- I'm almost done with my ribbed baby sweater - it's turning out much better than the first try. I have a couple other projects in mind - I just need to choose one or two to take with me when I go see Mike. I am trying to utilize my stash, as I know I have a plethora of yarn, I'm just deciding what works for which projects. I feel like I've been doing that for a while. But I'll get there.

BTW, Did I mention how excited I am to go see Mike?
I'm really excited.
I mean I really really really can't wait!
2 days
that's it!
going to see Mike.

This isn't making the day go by any faster.. I'm off to eat and sleep to get rid of another day!

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