Saturday, July 4, 2009

spending time with her hubby!

Yesterday was my first full day with Mike in NY since I was here 6 weeks ago - it was so great to see him again!!! I flew in Thursday night, and thanks to delays, didn't get in till 12:30 - and went straight to bed.

Yesterday we started the day by doing a little shopping, and running a few errands, then we stopped a place called the Havana Outpost for lunch. That place was great - they are the only solar powered restaurant in NY, and recycle the rainwater from their gutters for their bathrooms and such. It was a really cute/cool place. We had some uniquely-seasoned corn (Parmesan, butter- or maybe mayo red pepper and lime) and sandwiches that hit the spot perfectly.

Then we headed to prospect park, and after a leisurely walk, took a really nice long nap on the grass in the park. It was very relaxing and wonderful just to sit, and sleep, and not too have to be anywhere or do anything but we could just... be. I think it was exactly what Mike and I needed - a day of no agenda.

After the park we took a stroll around Park Slope and wandered into a bunch of cute little stores and shops before settling down to dinner at a little Italian restaurant that had a duo playing guitar and upright bass providing some pleasant background music.

Had only I been hungry enough for desert - but by that time I was worn out and we headed home for bed. It was really a perfect day. ahh...

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