Tuesday, September 25, 2007

haircuts and bonfires

While Mike is gone, I've got a couple of friends living with me here in the house to keep me company. One of which has always had long beautiful hair, that came down to about her waist. She and her friend had been growing it out since they were little, and finally decided to cut it off and donate it to Locks of Love.

Here are some before pictures:


wait for it....

wait for it.....

some after pictures:

I really love it! I think it brings out her face and looks super cute. From her expression, she totally agrees:

It makes me want to cut my hair shorter. I had often heard that once you cut, you just want to keep on cutting. Now I know... it's true.

Last night was supposed to be knit-nite in Homewood, for my group here, but we had some brush at work that needed to be burned, so we decided to have a bonfire instead. It got pretty big, and we went through a lot of the wood, but there's still plenty left. You can see some of it piled up in the background:

In the meantime, I was trying to make sure the spirit of knit nite was still there, and brought my knit-lite needles with me. It's actually the first time I've really used them. Because of the flash, you can't see that they're lit up, but, Man! they're bright! especially the tips... note to self - don't point them directly in someone's face....especially your own. I learned the hard way, but only after my friends sitting beside me had to shield their eyes and remind me to point them to look where I was pointing them while knitting.

We had food:
and water,
but forgot cups - ah well - we made do.

Overall, little knitting was done, but it was a good evening nonetheless!

An update on other things on my needles.. I can't seem to get the head right on the giraffe. I'm going to try one more time, and then change the concept a bit. Right now, I can't get the sizing right, and it's not matching with the rest of the body. Once I have something I like, I'll post more pictures. But while I was visiting Mike, I did get the foot of my second Wavryn sock done - yeah!

Oh, and no word on the job yet. No news is good news right? right?.. right.

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