Friday, September 21, 2007

I love my husband

But I've missed him.

I finally got to see my hubby this past weekend, and it was sooo nice.

It didn't start out so well, with a 2-hr delay in Chicago, (because of bad weather in Atlanta) and then another 2-hr delay Atlanta (because of more bad weather in Atlanta), so I arrive in Charleston at... 3am. But other than that (and the fact it made me miss him even more) it ended well, and really was a wonderful, perfect weekend so I can't complain too much.

Saturday we went to the beach, played a little bocce, and went out for a great crab dinner. That's something I'm really looking forward to in Charleston - eating more seafood!!!

On Sunday we took it pretty easy. Mike wanted to use his grill, so we planned a steak and asparagus dinner, and headed to the grocery store to pick up what we needed - it's amazing how much more you spend with 2 people - we got cheese, and salami, and crackers, and...lots more. I kept having to remind Mike that although I do have a hollow leg, and I know I eat more than my fare share of food, there's only so much I can possibly eat in the next 2 days! Then we hit church and on the way home realized we had forgotten a few things in our first trip. As we were checking out of the grocery store, the lady behind us couldn't keep from laughing as she looked at our loot ... a red onion, a wine opener, a stick of chap stick and a pint of ice cream.

"I don't think I want to know what you guys are having for dinner - that's the oddest assortment of things I've ever seen!"

We weren't sure if was worth explaining the meat back at the house or the fact that I have our wine opener back in Chicago - so we just smiled and let her guess :)

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Dharma said...

I love the second shopping collection. Thanks for the bloggy love. I know it will work out here in Dayton. Hopefully soon I'll post some of the things that happened next because there's some good stuff already.