Saturday, November 24, 2007

Done and done.

I made it to Louisville! I was able to pack up everything I really wanted to take with me, and then some! Mostly because of the help of a friend of mine. He's a 'Master Packer' he was able to fit all this random stuff into my car!

I know it doesn't look like much in the pictures, but there are two or three big items that aren't in the picture because they're already packed. To give you a real idea of how much Tetrus-packing he did, here's a picture of my trunk - there was no space left unused.

It was pretty impressive. Not only did he get everything I needed in the car, I could still see out of the back and side windows! It was great. I really appreciated it. There are plenty of things I'm pretty good at, but I wouldn't put packing up anywhere near the top. As you can tell from some of the photos it was pretty dark out when he started, and I know it would have taken me forever - he got it done so quickly, I was still able to go join the girls for Stitch N' Bitch later :) Este - you're The Man! It'll be easy to send him thanks too (he's my roommates boyfriend!)

Here are a few more pictures to show off his talent...

When I finally arrived at Sn'B that night, I found out that all the girls had all been secretly plotting and crafting! They made me a beautiful stained-glass scarf as a going away present. Each person knit their own square out of whatever they wanted. (MP knit four - overachiever!) and then Peggy beautifully crocheted it all together. It's just beautiful, and I can so feel the love :) Pictures to come when I finally find my camera charger - I know it's in the car somewhere!

I'm really going to miss all those guys, but I know they'll come and see me, and we'll keep in touch. That's what friends do.

I am Thankful for all my wonderful friends, near and far. Thanks guys.

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