Sunday, November 18, 2007


Friday was my last day at work, and they made me the cutest poster to say goodbye! It's made out of a bunch of different candy and says:

"Well Kat, you're about to make the Fast Break from Illinois to South Carolina. We will all miss you a LOT! You worked hard and always went the EXTRA mile. You even filled in for EE programs when needed. We knew we could always count on you in a CRUNCH. Besides that you're Mounds of fun to be around and your sense of humor often caused Snickers. Our wish is that you will have Zero problems with the move. We hope you and Mike will have Good & Plenty of time to enjoy life in your new surroundsings. We send you off with lots of Kisses because you are a real SweeTart and we all love you to Pieces.
P.S. If you eat all this candy, your Fannie May get larger!"

Isn't that sweet! (in more ways than one - ha ha) My favorite part is the last line - Fannie May is pretty big around here :)

Then Friday night I went to a wine tasting with a crew of people from work at this place. I really enjoyed myself. It was good fun, and I even picked up a christmas gift! Shh!

We had our server Sheri - she was great!

And the rest of the crew; a couple of Mary Pat's, couple of roomies and a couple more people that I will definitely miss.

Then last night I had a 'last bash' to say goodbye to a bunch of folks. It was nice to have everybody there - here are just a couple of pictures from the night -mostly taken by other people:

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