Thursday, November 8, 2007

the final countdown...

I wish I had the music for this! the link will have to do. Man, what great hair!

2 weeks left for the final countdown! Just 2 weeks until I get to see MIKE!! YEAH!!! Although I will be sad to miss some things and people here :( But i get to see Mike!!! And I'm going to stay in SC with him - whoo-hoo! Now, if only I could get this silly house to sell. ...

In two weeks, I am packing up my car and leaving with everything I can fit, and might possibly need, to move to SC. I'm a little worried about having the time to pack it all, partly because I'm also trying to make sure I get to see and say goodbye to everybody, so I'm trying to spend more time with them before I go. But I am so excited about finally moving! And I know I will have to come back at some time to finish moving all the furniture and non-essential stuff I left behind, but I have some great roommates to take care of things in the meantime, and sometimes you just have to let things go and hope have faith that they will all work out. So that's what I'm doing. I'm putting it in someone elses hands (my realtor mainly) and going to where I need to be - with my husband.

I think this will also help with the job search as well. It's hard to look for a job, do follow up and really put your best foot forward when you are only there for one day or are still in Chicago. Now... the monumental job of deciding what to take and making sure it's going to fit in my car!!! Not looking forward to that much.

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