Monday, November 19, 2007

wrapping up

I'm wrapping up and will be on the road by tomorrow morning. "on the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again!" Now, that's not normal for me. I'm not actually a big fan of driving but I GET TO SEE MIKE!!! I know everyone here is tired of me - I've been dancing around the house singing "I get to see Mike in Xxxxx days, I get to see Miiike" or "X more days! Just X more days and then I get to see Mike!! YEAH" But I'm sooo excited!! It's been two months - and it'll be a holiday! That means down time with him I hope.

I've been using Skype to talk to Mike online. His laptop (a Mac) has a built-in camera so I got to see him too!! It's the coolest thing. It's absolutely free, and you can call anyone, anywhere. and if you both have web-cams you can see each other! My friends in New Zealand 'invited' me to join, and showed me all around their house - it was really fun. Then I made Mike join so we could talk. I only wish I did it sooner. I know he couldn't see me, but I could see him, and I think it really helps when you can see the person you're talking too. He's grown out his beard, and buzzed his hair, which is a look he hasn't had since I've known him. I'm pretty sure he's had a beard before, but it never lasted very long, not more than a week or so - and never without any hair.

He sent me a picture he made while bored at the coffee shop -

I love that the only part not distorted is his eyes. They're my favorite.

While packing up, I did manage to take pictures of almost all my yarn. Once I upload those I'll be able to add them to Ravelry. Maybe then, being able to see what others have done with their yarn, I'll get some ideas and be able to burn through some of my stash.

I'm getting a little worried it's not all going to fit. It's so hard to decide what is essential and what to leave behind... I have two piles now - "yes" and "if it'll fit". *heavy sigh* My only consolation is next time I'm back, it's all going, and at least most things will be already boxed!

You'll know tomorrow what didn't make the cut.

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