Sunday, September 7, 2008

high and dry

Yup - the "tropical storm" Hanna passed by with little damage, and only a bit of a storm here. Mike and I took advantage and went for a bit of walk in the rain, which was fun. I thought it'd be cold and rough, but it was pretty warm and mild. It's so weird to look outside and think the weather is one thing and then step outside to find it's another.

I'm almost finished with the 'Baby Raglan' sweater:

The green and orange look a little pumpkin-y, but then again, the baby is due in October! Yes, I do know one sleeve is longer than the other, I tried it with (as the pattern suggested) and without the ribbing, and I think I like it better without. I just finished the bottom tonight, but don't have the energy to take more pictures. Tomorrow I will rip out the little bit of ribbing on the left sleeve, cast off and seam it up. Can't believe I'm actually done with this one early!

Next on my list is the elephante pattern (ravelry link - it takes me a while to find the non-ravelry links sometimes. Which is one of the reasons I LOVE Ravelry!! Anytime I need a pattern, I can find it in 10 seconds on ravelry. Anytime I have a questions - bam! find it on Ravelry. Extra yarn - don't know what to do with it - see what everyone else is doing with it on.. ravelry. Going somewhere and want a knitting shop near my destination? - you guessed it, Ravelry. Bored? Radar or forums on ravelry! *sigh* it's a little bit of knitterly heaven.

guess you have to be a knitter/crocheter/fiber person to really understand - sorry about the rant ;)

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