Wednesday, September 10, 2008

attending a city council meeting

This week I also went to my first City Council meeting ever. It was really ... entertaining and quite surprising. There were quite a few things brought up that I really didn't expect to be city council issues, but it was interesting to hear people say their piece. I was there to support Mike's school - the ACBA, in getting the vote for a loan from the city to support their growth and accreditation. We won the vote (7-3) YEAH, and will be getting the loan and Mike even got up and spoke to voice his support for the school. I did like hearing all the different perspectives and ideas from those both for and against the vote, but I don't know if it's something I'd attend without good cause.

Our next door neighbors are in transition - one has moved out and another is moving in. There was a package on their porch when Hanna was moving in, so we took it inside and left a note, not quite sure which neighbors it was for - the old ones or new ones. It was the old neighbors and we left it back next door for them to pick up. Then the other day this sampler was left on our doorstep:

once again, we're not sure which neighbor left it or who it belongs to. As we try to figure it out, it got me thinking - cross stitch was the first craft I remember doing, and although I still have all the supplies for it, I don't do it anymore. This brought back some fond memories and showed me that there are some really cute things that can be done with cross stitch.

Here is the sweater I finished for Crystal:

I think I'd really like to do a clasp closure on it, especially since I didn't make any button holes - but does it really need buttons or a clasp? What do you think?

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Sheknits said...

What a sweet little Fall sweater Katerina. Thanks for your nice comment on my scarf!