Tuesday, September 23, 2008

petting pretty yarn

I entered a contest on yarnfloozy's blog a few days ago I mean... about a week ago really more like.. a couple of weeks ago (I've been lost in a small random time-suck - I have no idea where the time as gone) which was quite fun. I got to peruse all the lovely socks she had made and do a bit of investigative math, and low and behold ....I Actually Won!!! I never win anything and I won!! I was super excited - not only because I won (which made for a really nice day) but also because the prize was 200 grams of some beautiful Indigo Moon merino wool!!

It's so pretty and soft - the pictures don't do it justice. Now I just need to decide what I'm going to knit with it. I'm thinking socks because I also received a cute little sock bag and set of addi turbos that go perfectly with the yarn:

The card she sent was really sweet too!! It doesn't hurt that Mike and I are wanting to get a puppy and the mere words cause me to swoon like others do over babies. But now is not the time for either and so I just ooh and aah over the cute ones that are sent to me via cute little cards and such!

I'm also working on the Jacques Cousteau hat I had one started. Gay over at Knit helped me find another color that is working just wonderfully - the pattern I'm hoping will continue as smoothly considering I haven't picked it up in months. Here's my progress so far with the new yarn:

It's not perfect, but it's coming along. I taught one of Mike's classmates how to knit last weekend, and she picked it up really really quick! Then she went home and I think she figured out how to increase and decrease on her own. So, not only did she not give up once she gone home and, as she put it, "was no longer under my supervision" - she went and tried new things! I forget how much I enjoy teaching someone who wants to learn. I think she, and a few others are going to come over this weekend for some more Sn'B'ing which should be fun.

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