Thursday, July 9, 2009

on the Brooklyn Bridge

Last night Mike and I went for an evening stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge - it was really pretty. I took some pictures, but I don't have my computer with me, and won't be able to get them uploaded till next week when I get home. To tell you the truth, I don't think many came out very well.

On our way, we did see Neil Diamond! He was being interviewed by the one of the local stations about his upcoming show or something. We decided not to ask him for his autograph, and just walked quietly behind him, trying to think of more than 2-3 songs that we know of his. I think had it been someone different, I might have asked for a picture or autograph, but both Mike and I agreed that we weren't big enough fans or that star-struck to do so.

On the way to the bridge I had my knitting with me and saw another woman crocheting at top - she asked me how hard it was to learn how to knit, and we had a short mini-lesson/discussion before we had to hop off and switch trains. That's the 4th person I've shown how to knit lately. On the way here, in the airport, I showed two guys while waiting for our delayed flight - they picked it up pretty fast, and it really helped pass the time. The 3rd guy was sitting beside me on the flight and was from India, and said he'd have to tell his mom that he knew how now. It was fun and silly. I wasn't expecting to show them, therefore the yarn I had wasn't the best for beginners, so I was impressed by how quickly they all picked it up. I'll have to put some easy yarn to start with in my carry-on for the trip home.

I head home on Sunday, with a trip to visit my aunt and cousins in between. Then 3 more weeks before Mike will be done with his internship. He's enjoying it, and learning a lot, but he's ready to be done and head back to the comforts of home. He's blogging about it here, but hasn't been keeping up with it as readily with me here distracting him.

So far I have finished a pair of booties, the baby sweater except for the seaming (blah) and am halfway through a headband for my cousin. I did get a 'gift' of yarn that Mike got me to start a shawl - it's some pretty alpaca that I have just the project for!

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