Friday, July 13, 2007

First Real Sock

I'm so proud! I'm knitting my fist ever toe-up sock! I've knit a sock before, but only one. Yes, that's right - I was sucked in by the single-sock-syndrome. But I'm not even sure if it counts because it was top-down and done when I first started knitting two years ago, to teach myself how to use dpn's. I had chosen a simple cheap acrylic yarn, that was colorful, and therefore easy to follow the stitches that were supposed to be on my needles - and it didn't turn out badly. I can't even remember where I got the pattern, or anything about turning the heel. For some reason, that sock and I just didn't connect. Perhaps that's why I never finished the second. I'm doubting there will be any problems in finishing with this one!

The pattern is from my pattern-a-day calendar, and is called Wyvern Women's socks. I will admit, I started the toe about three times before finally moving onward to the pattern. My first attempt turned out well, and was pretty focused. I learned how to do a provisional cast on through knitting help and then figured out how to do the short row shaping with a little help from knitty's sock article. Then I decided that well, I might as well start the other toe from the other end of the yarn, that way I'd have both toes done and remember how to do it. But the second toe wasn't turning out so well.. see here?

One toe is definitely smaller than the other. It wasn't shaping up right! i was doing something wrong. So I started to tink back.. and then rip back the 1st toe to see what I had done. Finally I just had to frog both toes and start over. Ah well. The third time went really well, and It'll make doing the forth even better right? Here's where I am now... it's looking pretty good eh!?

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