Sunday, July 29, 2007

Off week?

Everybody seems to be just a bit off this week. I just stopped by to read one of my favorite blogs, the Panopticon and found that Franklin's not 'feeling the love', or at least not the way he really needs it. This makes me sad. I've actually met Franklin, and he's awesome! I met him at the first 1000 Knitters shoot, I was #25! (how special). Here's a picture of us.

He made me feel super comfortable right off the bat, and was uber-sweet. He just chatted away with you as you knitted. He said he wanted it to be just like I was sitting with my Sn'B group chatting and knitting along.. and it really was! That man has talent I tell ya! A knitter, cartoonist, writer and photographer to boot - man, I'm jealous. It makes me sad that there isn't someone special that has noticed and appreciates his talents. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him.

Later, I downloaded the most recent episode of Cast-on (a fav. podcast of mine), heard that Brenda was missing her podcasting mojo! And the Yarn Harlot is all up in arms about not having enough personal time.. Sheesh. Seems like everybody's having a bit of a week here. I hope it all improves for them.

My week, well it's crazy in it's own way because M's on his way to Charleston - without me. :( His new school begins in a couple of weeks, and I am staying here to work, and continue bringing in some sort of income. That's the part that makes me sad about leaving. I really do love both of my jobs, and all the people I work with. I'll miss them more than the city itself. But it's nice to know that although I can't take my jobs with me, I can take the friendships I've made. As soon as the house sells, I'll be heading down to join him.

It's the first time since we've been married that we've been apart for any length of time. We did live 2 hours apart while we were dating, but this is different. It'll be interesting to see how it goes, and it'll be a good test. During the summers, his school sets up an internship for him somewhere in the country, that specializes in his trade, so I may be without him again for a few months. We'll have to see how it goes. Keep your fingerst crossed for us! :)

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