Sunday, August 24, 2008

finishing the ravelympics!

I did it - just by a hair, and it's not blocked yet, but here's a quick shot of the Anouk for Gabriella:

I won't say I 'won a medal' but at least I competed and finished!!

I had a bit of trouble with the shoulders, and had just enough brown yarn for the side tabs, but it all worked out well. I was going to do the pockets, but decided the 'G' would be cuter. I'm thinking a small flower in the green on the upper left side might also be really cute. (If I want to add things afterwards, does that disqualify me in finishing?)
I'm just glad I got it done.

I had done the 'G' in lower case at first:

but decided a capital letter would look better and ripped it out. This one also had the tabs on the wrong side, but we won't dwell on that little detail.

Something I've definitely learned from this ravelympics is I'm not afraid to rip out my knitting. Might as well do it right - which if you know me, I don't think fits with my normal attitude - not that I don't like to do things right, but I'm usually pretty accepting of whatever and go with the flow. I'm not super particular about most things - my philosophy usually is, it'll be o.k., it'll work out - whatever, so it's funny to me that I am so fussy about my knitting.

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