Saturday, August 16, 2008

with her goggles full of water

There's been a ... how do you say it - development in my ravelympics knitting and it's not a good one. I seem to have had some vision impairment while knitting, and I'm not doing as well as Michael Phelps did with the issue.

By Thursday night I had gotten this far with my Anouk:

and felt I was doing quite well. This is the front half, up to about the armpits, to be mirrored on the other side. Concerned that I would run out of the brown, I cast on for the back piece, to ensure I had enough to do the same amount on both sides. I did, just enough in fact, and last night I added the pink to the back and knit the night away while watching the men's volleyball, MP win his 7th medal by 1/100th and all was good.
Here's what I had accomplished by the end of the night:

This morning I went to show my Mike my progress. It was then that I saw I had been knitting without a clear picture of what I was doing. See anything wrong with these two lying side by side?

The one I worked on all night last night has at least 4 extra rows in the brown! ARRRGGG! I know I counted last night and compared the two but I obviously didn't look close enough. There are matching decreases on each side at the 7th, 13th, 19th, 25th, 33rd rows and so on. On the first piece I changed color one row before the 25th decrease row. So last night I counted to see what row/decrease I was on, and came up with the 25th - or so I thought. I think what I did was started with the 13th and counted up to the 25th row as if the 13th was the 7th, so my '25th' decrease was actually the 30something-eth row. *shakes head in personal disgust*.

I guess my options are thus:
1. Leave the second as is, rip back part of the pink on the first to match the length of the second and continue from there, hoping that, since they're not attached - maybe no one will notice.

2. Rip out what I did last night to the appropriate brown stripe and start again.

I would have ripped the first/shorter one back and added to the brown, but I don't have any of it left so that's not really an option.

I guess it could be worse, but my challenge for this piece will be actually finishing it - a seeming simple thing that only I can mess up royally!


jean said...

if it makes you feel any better (and I'm guessing it probably won't) I did exactly the same thing... changed the bottom color at a different place on the second piece and had to rip it out...

katerina said...

Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one!