Wednesday, August 6, 2008

playing with her iStuff

Last weekend being tax-free + Mike being a student + a Mac enthusiast = new toys! This weekend a Mac store opened up here in Charleston, and we splurged a bit and ended up with a new iPhone, (for Mike) iTouch (for me) which actually came with the MacBook to replace my iBook G4 - which I guess in the world of Mac's and computers is a bit of a dinosaur.

Although I love my new computer (although my katerina email will be down for a bit) and think the iTouch is really cool - I don't know if it will be replacing my ipod shuffle. I love that little thing. It's really just perfect for me for how I use it.

I'm a big pod-cast listener - that's what took up most of the space on my old computer - I probably listen to about 5-10 hours, easily, of podcasts each week. I listen on my way to work, on my way home, while grocery shopping, while at the gym - wherever. And when I do want to listen to music, it fits on there as well. I am really never in a place long enough to need more music or podcasts than will fit on the shuffle. Plus you just can't beat the size. It clips on my shirt or pocket, or collar - it fits in my purse, no matter how small. I never worry about putting it in with my knitting, that it'll scratch or break the screen. It's just durable in my mind.

The iTouch will need more TLC and attention I know - so I'm playing with it a little at home, but until I get a chance to get all the protective accessories for it, I don't think I'm taking it anywhere. It will be nice to use as a PDA for all my info - there have been quite a few times when I wish I had information from my computer with me, and my cell phone just doesn't cut it. I can also keep my knitting patterns and information on it! I'm getting more excited about it as I think of all the things it can do.

speaking of knitting, I finished the Baby Tart hat, although I'm hoping it will look much cuter on the baby than it does on my water bottle:

Keisha helped me model it too, and although it doesn't look as "berry-ish" it still looks pretty adorable!

I hope my other baby knitting will be as cute!

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MUSC said...

Hey, I think your model is H-O-T!