Sunday, August 17, 2008

starting again

I've decided to rip out the Anouk and start again - it's the only thing for an Olympian to do right? It goes pretty quickly and the recipient's birthday is in a couple of days, so it's not like I'll make that deadline. I just want to get it done and send it out by the Olympics end.

I've also been distracted and playing with my new iTouch, and am addicted to FireDrop - I just want to get to level 15! Of course this does distract me a bit from my knitting, but I can't be knitting all the time. I've also added StitchMinder to my applications, and love it. It's a counter for your stitches, pattern rows and whatnot right on your iTouch - very handy. I haven't played with it enough to see if it will keep track of multiple projects but if so that would make it even better!

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