Tuesday, August 26, 2008

trying to find everyone else

As some of you may recall, I lost my phone a few weeks ago. I left it in the bathroom stall and when I went back, it was gone :( It wasn't returned despite me turning it off, reporting it as lost/stolen and texting myself to that effect. So I got a friend's old phone and now have a 'new' one to use.

Luckily, so I thought, I had my twice-removed phone, and pulled my much used numbers off of it and went on my merry way. Many of you may not have heard from me and it is because, as I am slowing finding out - most of my old numbers are WRONG!!! I keep calling and hearing that dismal tone followed by a 'this number is no longer in working order'. Or worse yet "Kathy? there's no Kathy here" - what do you mean no Kathy!?! she's had that number for years!! - I guess it was time to change eh?

So I'm sending out a small phone # roll call - I don't even know who really reads my blog - but if you do, and you think this is you (you should know because you haven't heard from me lately - I have been trying to call really!) send me an email with your # - or better yet - CALL ME!

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